JHole Chill…

my grass is blue, man.

Garden & Gun Magazine, based out of Charleston, South Carolina is making an effort these days; or, at least more of one. The boats and dogs covers weren’t just NOT selling, but running the periodical into the ground. Whereas G&G looked like a bi-monthly yearbook for 30-something Southerners, it now seems to be recruiting reputable writers and photographers to boost the weak showing of ‘perfect pies in Carrboro.’

'get me the fuck out of this boat!'

I just picked up the newest edition (being called the ‘2011 Music Issue’) today from my post office box and was surprised to see the Avett Brothers on the cover in what appears to be a hayfield near their home in Concord, NC where Matt Hendrickson (Rolling Stone) wrote the piece. Also interestingly, the photos were done by David McClister who has an impressive collection of photos taken for music publications especially, including some iconic photos of Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett and Ryan Adams. I guess Americana is his strong suit…

ole 'Shotgun'

My brother, friends and I saw the Avett Brothers perform in Jackson Hole a few summers ago during the short-lived annual Jackson Hole Music Festival. We also bumped into them outside of a Teton Village where a quick and pointless conversation made us feel like we actually knew someone.

'who put this bass in the gondola? oh, you guys...'

When I tried to get them to come out the next year for a non-profit fundraiser, their booking agent explained that they would not play after an opening bluegrass band and that their music was not to be referred to as ‘bluegrass.’ This was around the same time that they were working on I and Love and You; an effort to push away from their folksy sound. They did, after all, start as a punk rock band.

Garden & Gun paints them as Southern, which they are. ‘New Grass’ though, shouldn’t ever forget its roots.

cows love overcoats.

The Avett Brothers start their 2011 tour in Michigan on the 27th with stops that also include Jazz Fest in New Orleans (see you there…).

This edition of Garden & Gun also includes a smattering of ‘The New Sound of the South,’ with various artists, profiles and graphs showing their worth on a scale of ‘Newcomer’ to ‘Icon’ to ‘Legend.’ Included in the listing are the Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Maldives (of Seattle) and Trampled by Turtles (Minnesota).

Garden & Gun’s website also has posted streaming songs (often the most popular or recognizable) for the listening enjoyment of fans’ alike:

‘New Sound’ @ GardenandGun.com

now where are all those pictures of my dog…


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