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mustaches are for creeps.

another great week of… well.

it’s officially ‘Movember.’ Bannon hates the idea because it makes people want to be more like him:

J-Mo just goes with the flow:

it’s actually a pretty decent cause. Prostate Cancer Awareness/Research, or something like that.


I don’t know how this fucking happened. but it’s better than being punched in the face:

someone at work put this image as the desktop background for one of the concierges’ computers. my employer said it was ‘disturbing’ and promptly changed it back to a Tetons landscape; real original.

Florence and the Machine play SNL tomorrow night.

Arcade Fire crushed it last week. I may be developing a thing for Haitian women:

Saturday Night Live – Arcade Fire – Sprawl II

‘want some, get some; bad enough, take some.’ – my half-Black-half-Puerto Rican roommate from the daze in Raleigh.

My half-Jewish-half-walking-sub-indie-pop-encyclopedia roommate from downtown dirty-dash started a new blog:

Steel Slowing Steel

he talks about himself a lot, too.