JHole Chill…

this is why i don’t drink bourbon, anymore.


it was a Wednesday.

holding true to the game. like Mike Jones

heard Wendy, but Tinkerbell looks better in a skirt…

per Hilz, Jeff said my black eye wasn’t good enough anymore. so he hit it again.

Will said that we “make the dinner party.” all i know is that we get loud fast, and end up apologizing to someone. like the police. good thing that we imported a more-than-capable campaign manager: Jesse. though, he was the one that put the speakers in the window and played Pretty Lights full blast… George Stephanopoulos parties, too.


Will also has started a Facebook group aligned to some of the shit that I say. Normally, I would be against this sort of practice, but he has good taste. in words. and women.

ate smoked ducked fettucine alfredo last night with a simple salad. added a little extra cajun seasoning. click, click, boom.

Cut is playing Koshu tonight. bonkers.

probably not doing Friday night dinner party. thank you, god.

team bourbon:


Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

stay black.


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