JHole Chill…

‘The Cultured Pearl’ – Fall, Vol. ONE


summer’s pretty much over.

headed up to Granite Hot Spring for a soak with some of the gang. Mexican Heroes. Baguette and Brie. Sulfur and Sunsets.

remnants of another wild one here and there.



Saturday night was a dude-fest.

should have stayed in to watch Kanye on SNL.

here and there:

The New Rules for the J-Hole Bachelor.

Rule #7 – STOP drinking Bud Light.

Rule #8 – If that one girl that you and 5 of your friends are all hitting on looks like she might be getting a little creeped out, it’s because she is.

Rule #9 – They come and go. At least you got a nice view.


One response

  1. Shelley

    thanks for this, sweetheart.

    October 4, 2010 at 9:36 am

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