JHole Chill…

something to blog about.


Jeff said last night that ‘there has been a party in this town every single night; since I got here 12 years ago.’

trying hard to hold onto the last few days of summer.

bumped into Howell outside working on his rig. he’s headed off to do agricultural research and development. decided to get the gang together for a little meal. pork tenderloin, fettucine alfredo with crispy shitakes, ginger steamed haricots verts, super-Hils summer salad, copious vino.

talk was a little politics, a little development, a lot of dog.

we finally put clothes on the manequin half. Levis skinnys and Nike high-tops. fucking hipster.

tonight is Thursday. guaranteed to be trouble…

oh, and Rocky finished framing “Run DMC.” word up Wallis, word up:

‘Fall: vol. ONE’ soon.


Run DMC – My Adidas


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