JHole Chill…

Blogging off.

Now you are all in very big trouble.

What has now begun and will continue to be remembered as one of the stupidest fucking things that ever happened to modern humanity is a full thirteen days of blogging.

“The Blog-Off of Doom”

Why doom you say? Why Doom? Because what is going to transpire in the next near two weeks is going to unlucky, painful, a digression of communication and downright damn derelict.

For those of you who know STEFFEN!!!, I’m sorry. But, I feel your pain, too. He is a tragically genuine case of explosive energy and charisma. Sometimes, the creature that is STEFFEN!!! manifests itself on his blog: ‘Sorry Mom’ @ stephenfuckinggraves.com (brilliant), sometimes it manifests on top of roofs late in the night while his friends are pummeled by cowboys really seeking to rearrange his teeth and sometimes it manifests itself as the back-up bouncer after a moron has thrown an empty beer can at the other bartender and you decided to crow-hop yourself into a crowd of similarly angry dudes all friends with said pitching prodigy.

Save the ‘bro-mance’ comments. You are a homophobe.

Now though, out of sheer boredom in this god forsaken least-populous state of the union, we are blogging. A blog-off. A Blog-Off to compare all other Blog-Offs to. Like Canibus and LL Cool J (VH1 story). And if you too are bored enough, you will be fortunate enough to enjoy the sacrilegious musings of the identified assailants.

you’re welcome. i think.

Last night was good. Not nearly as cataclysmic as previous exchanges among similar crowds in Jackson Hole (re: Gaper Day Pub Crawl), but fun none the less. Dane made his way around the room pissing people off with his crutches and his horribly-looks-like-Joaquin-Phoenix-but-less-hair-on-his-head-ugly-beard. Jeff sat in the corner because he is cool. The waitresses got pissed off at us crowding the service well. One Ton Pig played. And this was all after a beer-soaked dinner at Teton Thai. Oh yeah, pretty girls… I was also further reminded at dinner that there is nothing more enjoyable than mustering the courage to hit on a beautiful woman only to stumble over the words and walk away wishing you had come up with something good to say. I don’t get to do that much here, and it seems to be getting more difficult.

You ever seen a ten before?:

here’s a fun fact for ya: The town of Kemmerer is known as the Fossil Fish Capital of the World — it has over 100,000 fish fossils.

see you tomorrow.


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