JHole Chill…

excellent boner.

fall is here. brawlin’.

welcomed the seasonal change in style. Chicken Marbella dinner. outdoor living room.

Thursday, Friday: nuts.

Had dinner at Trio with some of the gang. martinis, crab cakes, burgers.

STEFFEN!!!’s account: ‘Sorry Mom’

i’ve been spewing a lot of venom about this place recently. part of the transition. went for a dip in the Snake with Hank. flushed out all the toxins. reminded me where i was. what i was doing. not ready to leave yet.

nothing but pure party Friday night. incredibly fun.

Jeff didn’t like his brightly-colored sweater. went home to change.

i got put on the team with the girls for bucket. i wasn’t much help at all.

drink of choice was everything.

STEFFEN!!! cat-faced me. passed out early, hit it too hard. made to pay. woke up to a room full of bucket slips and a turntable set up in the living room. seriously.

the proof is in the pork chop:

tonight is Saturday… the old Thursday.

a gift from the gods (and Hank):


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