JHole Chill…

Oh, my Gaper god…

more photos from the most ridiculous fucking bar crawl ever. I can’t wait ’til next year…

(click the images to get the full effect)

Will. leader. Wort. Obama.: fast-track to black-out…

STEFFEN!!! (would later be seen about to have his ass kicked by a couple of Wyoming homophobes. who knew? fuck a red state.

cue ‘Coffee Talk’ voice. bright fucking red. can’t see the fanny, or the pack; both tight.

that’s my ‘lucky’ tie. gave it to Matty ‘cuz it works. it did. hipster. he said that i knocked his drink out of his hand and said that ‘i was trying to hit his hat.’ good riddance. took him forever to catch up. those are my fake Persols with the Urkel tape.

Steve McQueen kickin’ Persols in The Thomas Crown Affair. the original one asshole.

apparently there was drinking involved.

yellow bird. bang, bang. dropped in, ‘hey- i saw you earlier today; you were working and i bought a couple of scarves…’ got her name, but can’t remember. pretty sure i got bounced soon after for passing around a concealed bottle of vodka. chances of bumping into her again in this town, 99.99%.

Some music for your earholes:

Miami Horror

Listen: Holidays

weekend starts again in 3 days.


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