JHole Chill…

kickball shit.

not sure I should be reliving anymore of this…

Kickball Game. we lost. 7-6 bottom of the last inning walk-off double.

Hankles McPain: “Only when we let go of our desire to control the world will we hold the world in our hands. our name calls upon the cinematic spirits of bullies, who would stop at nothing to win… Perhaps, at least in our hearts, we should change our team name to ‘Miagi.'”

whatever, fuck Dave Hansen.

pregame. stretching. drinking.

dugout. um, dugout.

Will did a good job of keeping the fence from falling over.

made it to first base, got some coaching. something about running and shit. dove head first into second. beat the play. got some dirt in my mouth. totally worth it. season’s uniform: team shirt, Nike Mercurial Vapor ‘World Cup Edition’ turf shoes, cheap sunglasses and Offshore short shorts.

Ronaldo wears the Mercurials. he’s good.

team bird.

pretty sure this is when we lost.

fuck this guy.

next year. ‘we goin’ to the ‘ships!’


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