JHole Chill…

‘The Cultured Pearl’ – July 6th, 2010

hangover show. was still struggling from lil’ hermano being in town.

this is Ray ‘Rapid Fire’ Prior.

he’s one of the wranglers that lives in the shitty cabin across the street from us.

says he used to be a boxer in the 80’s. definitely has a few motor skills issues.

cool as shit though, almost got him to ‘Ice’ Moran at the Cowboy last weekend.

cold chillin’ with a sleeveless suntan.

wish that you could see the black eye from the buck he got from a horse last week. twice.

tCP. listen:


One response

  1. Jonathan

    Please tell me E. Tyler Alford only rocks an ironic t-shirt these days…

    August 18, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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